Feast your senses on the exhilarating sci-fi racer, Redout

Produced by the talented developers at 34BigThings, Redout is a futuristic indie title that provides big budget thrills. It’s proven immensely popular with racing fans, earning accolades for its beautiful visuals, precise controls, and near perfect depiction of virtual velocity. The game is packed with features designed to keep you in the driver’s seat. A rewarding career mode, the ability to race against 12 other players, and 25 incredible race tracks are just some of things awaiting you in Redout. 

The game features the kind of stellar design and endearing spirit that makes indie gaming so great, which is why NVIDIA chose to include it in the company’s GTX Indie Bundle promotion. The GTX Indie Bundle allows gamers who purchase select GTX video cards to grab a free copy of one of three breakout indie hits to enjoy on their new hardware: Redout, Maize, and Raw Data. So, what’s in store for GeForce owners who boot up Redout? Speed. Lots and lots of speed.

Pedal To The Metal

Redout’s main offering is a large roster of space age vehicles that rocket around the intricately designed courses at high speed. It pays loving tribute to fast paced racers of the past like Wipeout and F-Zero. Those are big shoes to fill, but thankfully, the team at 34BigThings are veteran racing fans who have lots of experience with the genre. 

“We were also influenced by games such as POD, Rollcage, Killer Loop, Dethkarz, Screamer, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Ballistics, and Trackmania,” says lead game designer, Giuseppe Enrico Franchi. Personally, he notes that he’s played Trackmania Nations “for an insane amount of hours.”

That familiarity with the racing genre definitely shines through in Redout. The sense of speed is impressive, but so is every other aspect of the game. Keeping your vehicle on track is easy thanks to the superb vehicle physics that offer responsive handling and realistic movement. You’ll also have the benefit of tight controls that let you make precision adjustments on the fly, especially if you use a control pad like the NVIDIA SHIELD Controller. The race tracks are also designed to maximize velocity while still challenging your piloting skills. Expect plenty of tight turns, steep banks, and vertical loops that will require a steady hand on the wheel. 

Enjoy the View

It all combines for an exhilarating racing experience that also delivers incredible visuals at a butter smooth 60 frames per second. While the game runs great on a range of systems, gamers who own powerful hardware like an NVIDIA GTX video card will be treated to some spectacular effects. 

“I’m in love the motion blur that Unreal Engine 4 allows for, especially in combination with temporal antialiasing,” Franchi says. “The level of control that we have for things like color correction, chromatic aberration and god rays is also absolutely key to fulfilling our vision.”

34BigThings also included a VR mode that lets players experience the game’s blistering speed with total immersion. But developing for VR wasn’t a simple matter. There were technical challenges to tackle and the player’s senses to keep in mind. 

“In VR, we couldn’t rely on a lot of effects to communicate the sense of speed, so we had to play around with the camera to find a good combination,” Franchi says. “We also wanted to avoid the potential for motion sickness as much as possible.”

The Checkered Flag

Put it altogether and you have a racing experience that has captured the hearts of passionate racing fans everywhere. Offering a bevy of modes, tracks, and vehicles, it’s a feature laden title that will keep players in the driver’s seat for hours on end. It’s already built a loyal following, but Franchi notes that NVIDIA’s support of indie games could help bolster their efforts to reach a larger audience. 

“I think NVIDIA did a great job with the Indie Bundle promotion,” he says. “Every game is well made and has great reviews. Getting this kind of exposure can definitely make a huge difference in today’s crowded market.”

The future is wide open for Redout, but before 34BigThings races ahead with planned features like a new map offering five more tracks, they’re going to take a moment to enjoy what they’ve accomplished so far. 

“I feel like we achieved something pretty amazing,” Franchi says. “All the positive reactions from the press and our fans make us feel like we can have a say in modern videogames. We can actually produce something worthy of their attention, and that feels incredibly good.”

Gamers who purchase a select GTX video card are eligible to receive a free copy of one of three hit indie games: Redout, Maize, or Raw Data. Click here for more information on the GeForce GTX Indie Bundle.

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