Farming Simulator 2017 Platinum Edition out now with new vehicles, location, crops

Earlier this year, Farming Simulator 2017 unveiled its then incoming Platinum Edition (and Platinum Expansion for existing players). Today it has arrived, bringing with it new crops, a new location, and new vehicles. 

From back to front, a host of new machines from brands including Stara, TT, Random, FMZ and Gessner Industries boosts the game's total number of machines to a whopping 280 across 80 manufacturers. 

Add those to the expansion/new edition's sugarcane farms, sugarcane harvester, new South American playground, "unique" vegetation and railway network, and Farming Simulator 2017 promises "the most complete experience" so far as farm simulations go. 

Naturally, new stuff calls for a new trailer. Look, see:

As you can see around the 43-second mark there, the Platinum Expansion/Edition includes Brahman cattle for the first time. Pigs make their debut too, so says publisher Focus Home, but I assume they're on the shy side given their absence from the above.  

Both Farming Simulator 2017's Platinum Edition and Platinum Expansion are out now. The former costs £29.99/$34.99, while the latter costs £14.99/$19.99 for owners of the base game.