Farming Simulator 17 releasing at the end of this year

Publisher Focus Home often has a bit of fun with its trailers for Giants Software's Farming Simulator series; its latest licenses a song by a band named Gangstagrass, who mix country with bluegrass with rap. It's a pretty catchy song, and it fits perfectly over footage of lovingly rendered tractors going about their business.

The takeaway from the trailer is that Farming Simulator 17 will be out at the end of 2016, which is a pretty wide period but oh well. The game was announced back in February of this year, and features, according to the YouTube description, a "new environment, new vehicles, a new animal to breed, and new gameplay mechanics that increase the game's richness and depth".

We can only speculate what that new animal will be, although if it's truly new, perhaps it's some kind of terrifying amalgamation, like a manticore.

Tom Sykes

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