Far Cry 5 goes offworld next week in the Lost on Mars expansion

Lost on Mars, the second of three expansions slated to come to Far Cry 5, will be out on July 17, Ubisoft announced today. The DLC will take players away from the friendly confines of Hope County—and the planet Earth—for a stand-up fight against the spiders from Mars, who are plotting to invade our world. 

In the expansion, players will take on the persona of local plaid aficionado Nick Rye, a bush pilot and Far Cry 5 NPC who rushes to the rescue when his friend Hurk (because of course it's Hurk) takes up arms to ward off an alien invasion. The usual terrestrial arsenal will be bolstered by off-world weaponry like the Blaster of Disaster, the Taser Phazer Annihilazer, the Morphinator, and the Obliteratorrrr, while "Space Jets" will help players get around more quickly. The expansion will also bring new Mars-themed assets to the Far Cry Arcade, which all players will have access to. 

This expansion strikes me as more blatantly Blood Dragon-esque than the first Far Cry 5 DLC, Hours of Darkness, perhaps because it's so much more otherworldly and goofy than the core game. That's a pretty big plus for an expansion: After the relative seriousness of Far Cry 5 (and yes, I know, there's a bear named Cheeseburger who will fight for you on command), it's nice to spin off into something into something so willfully silly. 

Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars will be available for $10, or as part of the $30 season pass or the $90 Gold Edition of the game. The third and final expansion, Dead Living Zombies, is expected to be out in August. 

Andy Chalk

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