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Watch Far Cry 5's different endings here

Far Cry 5, Ubisoft's open world action game, has a few different endings. You can see all of Far Cry 5's endings below. Obviously, there are massive, massive spoilers for the ending of the game below.

The first Far Cry 5 ending can come within the first few minutes of the beginning. While preparing to arrest Joseph Seed, you can instead choose to do nothing. Here's what happens in that secret Far Cry 5 ending:

VIDEO: Far Cry 5's early secret ending, also available on YouTube  

At the end of the game, once you've defeated Seed's family, you're given a choice: either fight Seed or walk away. Here's what happens if you decide to fight him, courtesy of Dan Allen on YouTube.

You can also choose not to fight Seed and just walk away, mirroring your choice at the beginning of the game. Here's what happens if you choose that path:

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