Far Cry 4 video tours scenic Kyrat

Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4: Beautiful New Places To Kill People In is looking sumptuous. The latest trailer shows off the Lowlands, which is one of Kyrat's "diverse biomes"—a term rarely heard in the patter of the Deep-Voiced Trailer Man. It probably means there'll be a grassy bit, a desert bit, an autumn bit and a Skyrim bit. Still, it does look very nice, and there's a bow, and it looks like you get Far Cry 3's wing suit much earlier.

Far Cry 3 arrived just too late to be part of our Game of the Year discussions in 2012, which is a shame. Push aside the guff about magic tattoos and tourists-turned-killers and you've got a great open world shooter with especially good base assaults. Less of the former, more of the latter, please.

It also has co-op, which I'm particularly interested in. Read Evan and Sam's hands-on account from E3 for an account of some violent teamwork. It's out on November 18.

Tom Senior

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