Far Cry 3 trailer unleashes leopards on a privateer army

It looks like Vaas isn't the only maniac battling for control of the jungle in Far Cry 3. Hoyt Volker is the leader of a band of well equipped privateers. They've set up camp on the Southern island, which means you'll have to don some funky gloves and parachute in and take it down from the inside. With a rocket launcher.

In Far Cry 3, pretty much everyone hated and wanted to kill you. It's nice to see that Far Cry 3 is building on that by introducing an army of animals that hate EVERYONE. Check out Dan's Far Cry 3 hands-on for an idea of the destruction a rogue bear can cause when set free in the middle of an enemy camp, and check out the trailer below for more animal madness, and the odd explosion of course.

Tom Senior

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