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Watch EVE Online's Fanfest 2013 livestream free Wednesday through Saturday

EVE Fanfest
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EVE Online (opens in new tab) developer CCP will be broadcasting the highlights of this year's Fanfest event starting Wednesday. The stream (opens in new tab) will be free in standard def, while $20 (around £13) will get you the HD stream and a couple in-game EVE items: a Quafe commemorative t-shirt and a Pirate Faction Rookie Frigate.

The cameras will be pointed at Wednesday's live symphony, keynote talks, panels, and Saturday's "Party at the Top of the World" with DJ Z-Trip and the sweaty husks of EVE fans who've just spent an hour bashing their foreheads into invisible foes summoned by Viking metal band Skálmöld.

PC Gamer will be reporting live from the fan gathering in Reykjavik, Iceland. Though it's not listed in the stream schedule, we also hope to hear more about World of Darkness, CCP's vampire-themed MMO based on the pen and paper RPG of the same name.

GMT/PST Wednesday 24th PST

20:45/13:45 EVE TV goes to the Symphony 21:00/14:00 The EVE Symphony 2013

GMT/PST Thursday 25th

11:00/04:00 Welcome to Fanfest 2013 with EVE TV

12:00/05:00 Retribution Roundup

13:00/06:00 Ship Balancing

14:00/07:00 EVE is Real - Bringing FTL to IRL

15:00/08:00 Game Design: Balancing Tears & Laughter

16:00/09:00 Lowsec PvP/Crimewatch

17:00/10:00 (e)Merging Economies

18:00/11:00 DUST 514 KEYNOTE

19:00/12:00 DUST 514 KEYNOTE

20:00/13:00 DUST 514 Reflecting the Universe

21:00/14:00 End of Fanfest Day 1

GMT/PST Friday 26th

11:00/04:00 EVE Economy: A Decade in Review

12:00/05:00 DUST 514 Planetary Conquest in Low Sec

13:00/06:00 DUST 514 Advancing the Core

14:00/07:00 EVE is Real - Asteroid Mining

15:00/08:00 EVE Security

16:00/09:00 Game Design - Live Session

17:00/10:00 EVE Keynote

18:00/11:00 EVE Keynote

19:00/12:00 Dev. & Ops are in a Relationship

20:00/13:00 Remixing EVE: You did WHAT?

21:00/14:00 End of Fanfest Day 2

GMT/PST Saturday 27th

11:00/04:00 Art Panel

12:00/05:00 PvP Tournament Finals

13:00/06:00 PvP Tournament Finals

14:00/07:00 EVE is Real - Space Elevators

15:00/08:00 Games as Art - EVE & other Games at the MoMA

16:00/09:00 Concept Art - Live Session

17:00/10:00 CCP PRESENTS!

18:00/11:00 CCP PRESENTS!

19:00/12:00 Prototyping the Future of EVE

20:00/13:00 EVE TV Reviews Fanfest 2013

21:00/14:00 Party at the Top of the World

00:00/17:00 End of Fanfest Day 3

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