Fallout: New Vegas to get three summer expansions

Fallout New Vegas - Kabloom

Bethesda announce that three Fallout: New Vegas expansion packs will be coming out in the next three months. Lonely Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road will send players to Utah, the abandoned pre-war labs of Big Empty and the storm ridden canyons of The Divide in three separate expansions that promise new environments, new monsters, and to tie up some of Fallout: New Vegas' dangliest loose ends.

Honest Hearts will be the first to arrive on May 17. It's set in Utah's Zion National Park, which has fallen under the control of a number of viciously territorial tribes warring for control of the park. Your task is to make it back to the Mojave after your caravan is ambushed by raiders. A New Canaanite missionary and a figure known only as the Burned Man lurk in the background, and you'll have to pick your allegiances carefully to decide the fate of the Park.

The second DLC pack will be Old World Blues, which will uncover the origin of the Mojave's fiercest mutants, in an ancient pre-war science lab known as Big Empty. We bet it's not even slightly empty. Bethesda haven't given a specific date, but say that Old World Blues will be out in June.

Then, in July, we get Lonesome Road, which sends you after Courier Six, the man who initially refused to deliver the Platinum Chip at the start of Fallout: New Vegas. The courier, called Ulysses, is hiding out in the deadly region known as The Divide, apparently "a landscape torn apart by earthquakes and violent storms." You'll have to travel there to find out why Ulysses ditched his task.

Each expansion will be available through Direct2Drive and Steam for £7.49/ $9.99.

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