Fallout MMO court battle allegedly reaches settlement, details coming this month

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All's fair in love and war. Fortunately, however, no one had to break out the apocalyptic nuke salvos this time around, as Bethesda and original Fallout owner Interplay have finally reached a settlement in their tooth-and-nail struggle over Fallout Online.

After Bethesda whipped out the legal equivalent of a Rock-It Launcher and fired off everything from a (failed) development-halting injunction to a claim that Interplay could use Fallout's name and nothing else , Duck and Cover claims that the two have declared a cease fire. The site cites a "source" that took part in the hearings and claims that we'll learn of Fallout Online's fate later this month. Fingers crossed for good news, but given Interplay's recent agonized-wail-inducing financial woes , I wouldn't count on it.