Wanderers of Fallout 76, unite! (With these communism-themed cosmetics)

fallout 76 communist collectron power armor
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A spectre is haunting West Virginia—the spectre of microtransactions. Added yesterday, communism-themed skins and camp items are now available in Fallout 76's Atom store. Being able to purchase these items and own them as your own personal property arguably defeats the point, but perhaps I'm overthinking things.  

Anyway, besides making Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin turn in their graves, you can buy skins for your weapons, character, and Power Armor, and kit out your camp with themed wallpapers, floors, and flags with which to "demolish the corruption of this land and claim it for the proletariat." 

It's reasonable to assume that the folk behind the Vault 76 initiative probably won't approve of you decking yourself and possessions out in this bright shade of ideological crimson, but if you've seen the evils of economic inequality and want to proudly display your desire for social revolution, here's what you can buy until May 19th, plus their price in the game's premium currency, Atoms:

  • Red Shift Power Armor Skin: 1,400
  • Communist Spy Bundle (includes Communist Spy Outfit and Hat, Red Shift Backpack, and Red Shift Pip-Boy Paint): 1,200
  • Communist Collectron Station: 500
  • Communist Weapon Skin: 500
  • Red Shift Wallpaper: 500
  • Red Shift Backpack: 500
  • Red Shift Floor: 500
  • Red Shift Pip-Boy Paint: 400
  • Red Shift Flag Set: 300

The camp cosmetics certainly stand out: The lurid yellow stars against a sea of red will be hard for your guests to miss along with your tasteful bust of Lenin. I hate to say it, but it does put Chris' "crappy-ass" camp to shame. You can also get a Collectron skin to ensure items are scavenged with maximum efficiency. Side effects such as hastily-implemented collectivisation, five-year plans, and famines, are as yet unconfirmed.

The cheapest bundle of Fallout 76 Atoms is $4.99/£3.99 for 500, which will get you one of most of the items available. Since you can get the backpack and Pip-Boy skin in the Spy Bundle, die hard equality fans can get everything for 4,900 Atoms— the 5000-Atom bundle costs $40/£31.99. If you don't want to spend any real-world cash, you can by pick up the free Liberator player icon by April 28th.

Despite the irony of its new cosmetics, you may be one of many new players giving the game a second chance now that the Wastelanders expansion has filled Appalachia with NPCs and meaningful choices. Chris thinks Fallout 76 finally feels like a Fallout game, albeit his least favourite. If you are a new or lapsed player, check out our Fallout 76 ally guide so you've got some company while you scavenge for scrap, and find out how to find the Fallout 76 bow.

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