Fallout 4 unique weapons guide

2076 World Series Baseball Bat


2076 Location

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

This bat is a relic of the 2076 World Series. It looks just like every other baseball bat, except for a shiny logo.

Special Power: Has a chance of making an excellent “crack” noise and flinging your target into orbit.

Where to find it: The small town of Jamaica Plain. Head to the town hall and look for the basement. Once there, you’ll need to get past ghouls, robots, and a few dozen traps. Find the museum display celebrating Jamaica Plain’s town heritage, then steal that heritage and bash noggins with it.

Look out for: Two Protectrons.

Big Jim Gun


Big Jim Location

Big Jim

This sturdy pipe wrench is a must-have for busy settlement builders. There’s no way to manage tricky plumbing repairs without a proper wrench. Oh, and you can smack punks in the knee with it.

Special Power: Every hit has a 20% chance of crippling a target’s leg.

Where to find it: Travel to picturesque Walden Pond. Admire its gentle glow, and head to the gift shop. The backroom door in the gift shop leads to an underground tunnel network crawling with raiders.

Look out for: The gift shop is fully stocked with improvised mines. It’s the thought that counts.

General Chao gun


General Chao location

General Chao’s Revenge

The Chinese officer’s sword is ubiquitous in the Commonwealth, but General Chao’s Revenge is a fast-slashing powerhouse. Melee players won’t find a better sword anywhere.

Special Power: 50% extra damage to robots.

Where to find it: Stop by the Drumlin Diner for a milkshake, burger, and a drug dealer intervention. Once you help Trudy out, she’ll sell you the sword.

Look out for: Pushy drug dealers with pipe revolvers.

Grognak gun


Groknak location

Grognak’s Axe

Grognak the Barbarian’s adventures are enjoyed by radioactive nerds all over the wasteland. No surprise that a bunch of comic book fans would hold onto a full-size sharpened replica of Grognak’s signature weapon.

Special Power: Staggers target, target takes bleeding damage.

Where to find it: Hubris Comics in the outskirts of the Diamond City area is a popular spot. Walk right in, wave hello to several dozen ghouls, and head behind the front counter. Opposite the cash registers, a special locked case holds the axe.

Look out for: The skeletal remains of Comic Book Guy. Worst. Tibia. Ever.

Krem gun


Krem location

Kremvh’s Tooth

This nasty little molerat-sticker is found on a sacrificial altar deep underground. Dark rumblings sound in the distance. Slowly, Cthulu rises from the depths...and realizes he’s 200 years late to end the world. Cthulu knocks off early for a pint.

Special Power: Target takes bleeding damage and poison damage.

Where to find it: The open-pit quarry at Dunwich Borers holds a lot of mysteries, some supernatural weirdness, and an army of raiders. Fight your way through them to a flooded mine shaft. Dive in, swim to the bottom, swim through a side tunnel, and find Kremvh’s Tooth on a wooden altar with two mini-nukes.

Look out for: The Sneak bobblehead is on a table in the same tunnel section.