Fallout 4 unique weapons guide

Alien Blaster gun


Alien blaster location

Alien Blaster

The futuristic space pistol can be found in the hands of a wounded UFO pilot. It does exceptional damage, but its ammo is a bit rare.

Special Power: Its sleek good looks.

Where to find it: While adventuring, you will randomly see a streak of fire in the sky and a UFO come crashing into the ground. Track its crater to the woods between Vault 81 and Oberland Station. Splashes of Vulcan-green blood will lead to a small cave. The alien pilot is inside, where you can make first contact by putting a bullet in him.

Look out for: The Prime Directive.

Cryolator Gun


Cryolator location


It’s a flamethrower, but it makes things cold instead of hot.

Special Power: Theoretically, it could be used to cryogenically freeze unwilling subjects from several yards away.

Where to find it: Every Fallout 4 player passes it in the first half-hour. Inside Vault 111, the Vault Overseer office has a secure lockup. Inside, the Cryolator sits inside a sealed case.

Look out for: It’s master-level lock, so level up your lockpicking before you make that return trip to the old shivering grounds.

Old Faithful gun


Old Faithful Location

Old Faithful

This special laser pistol is great for sneaky characters or anyone who wants to go into a fight punching hard. Because it multiplies damage to uninjured enemies, a sneaking character can make a first strike of up to 4x damage. Old Faithful is fully moddable, so it’s possible to turn it into the greatest laser sniper rifle in the Commonwealth.

Special Power: Double damage to enemies at full health.

Where to find it: Rob several banks, then head to Arturo in Diamond City.

Look out for: A sobbing, broken wallet.

Prototype gun


Prototype Location

Prototype UP77 “Limitless Potential”

This experimental laser rifle has an unlimited clip, so it never has to be reloaded. Equipping it, the ammo count shows whatever your total stock of ammo is. You can keep blasting until you run out.

Special Power: Will make your stock of Fusion Cells disappear.

Where to find it: Inside University Point, pick your way past dozens of Synths to find the Student Union. A door to the side leads to a bank. Cracking it leads to a vault door. Cracking that leads to a room full of safes. Cracking a safe leads to a button. Pressing the button leads to the gun.

Look out for: Most of these locks and terminals are quite easy to bypass, but the safe holding the button is a master-level lock.

Survivor Special gun


Survivor Special location

Survivor's Special

A high-ranking, but no-longer-active, Brotherhood of Steel Paladin keeps this laser pistol close. And you can see why: it’s a fully automatic laser scattergun. At close quarters, this thing will fry raiders like a cracked microwave.

Special Power: Does more damage the lower your health is.

Where to find it: After meeting the Brotherhood of Steel recon team in the Cambridge Police building, keep working until you get dispatched on The Lost Patrol. A few dozens missions, several miles, and 20 super mutants later, you’ll end up at Recon Bunker Theta. Talk to Paladin Brandis, and he may give you the gun. If he doesn’t, kill that old geezer and bounce.

Look out for: Brandis loves to put landmines in doorways. Watch your step.

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