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Fallout 4 Spooky Scary Radio mod adds over 150 Halloween-themed tracks

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Fallout 4 (opens in new tab)'s irradiated Boston Commonwealth is terrifying all year round. Take the edge off this Halloween with a selection of seasonal tunes, courtesy of Natezomby's Spooky Scary Radio (opens in new tab) mod. 

With a host of Halloween-themed songs (Monster Mash, Zombie Jamboree, Haunted Heart), movie trailers (The Mummy, The Exorcist, Frankenstein), poem readings (Poe's Raven, read by Vincent Price), and short story recitals, Spooky Scary Radio spans over 150 tracks, and has more on the way. Read the (tentative) list in full here (opens in new tab)

Here's a teaser:

In-keeping with the modern Fallout series' penchant for retro music, creator Natezomby says their selection here reflects Fallout 4's lore. Don't expect songs like Thriller, then.    

"Do you hear that xylophone?" asks Natezomby on the mod's Nexus Mods page (opens in new tab). "Feel the autumn chill in the air? Smell the pumpkin spice? Well, I guess that means that it's almost Halloween as I write this—my favorite time of the year! Better blast some bone-chilling bangers and bomb some bandits with big booms in Fallout, bud. I have just the thing. 

"Please, follow me into my lab, I've been working on something. Hours and hours of curating the necessary parts, clipping, trimming, and stitching has all lead up to this. Go ahead, get closer... Lift the sheet, and reveal—Spooky Scary Radio." 

Details on how to get Spooky Scary Radio direct to your Pip-Boy can be found this way (opens in new tab)