Fallout 4 Nuka-World dev diary talks gangs, quantum paddle balls

Fallout 4’s decrepit amusement park DLC, Nuka-World, is out now packing new enemies, weird weapons and the chance to finally become a raider. Besides being a little frustrated with its convoluted opening, Chris seemed to mostly enjoy his time milling around in the game’s sixth and final add-on, and the latest developer diary offers a sneak peek of what you can get up to.  

“Your first 10 hours in Nuka-World will be spent endlessly shooting and little else, as each threat must be 100 percent neutralized before the surprisingly cautious raiders will move in,” says Chris in his review. Doing so while skooshing explosive Quantum Nuka Cola from a water gun, or melting Gatorclaws (alligator-like Deathclaws) with the Acid Soaker looks like particularly good fun. 

Nuka-World’s creators discuss the different raider factions you’ll be up against/be able to side with, and the various locations the new theme park area offers. Still, the inventive weaponry at your disposal sounds the most appealing aspect of the DLC to me. 

“The Thirst Zapper, which is the weapon that you saw in the Nuka Girls pin-up posters, you get early on in the add-on,” explains the expansion’s lead artist Mark Teare up there. “You can mod that as you discover the secrets of how they’ve weaponised Nuka Cola, and turn that into a really devastating weapon.” Which looks pretty awesome in motion.

Fallout 4’s Nuka-World DLC is out now and costs £14.99/$19.99. If you’d like to see more, an hour-long dev stream can be viewed here, while James’ ideas on where the series should go next can be read in this direction