Fallen Enchantress "Empires" update sends the AI to strategy school

Update 1.3 for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, dubbed "Empires", has launched. In addition to some UI improvements and balance tweaks, the patch has made some significant modifications to the AI, which was previously prone to do things that could be described as boneheaded. No offense to skeletons, which we acknowledge often have intelligence scores well into the double digits.

Among the list of changes , we're told that AI "is less paranoid about distant monsters and more cautious about nearby monsters," which is basically how I treated term papers in college. The AI also supposedly has "less ADD when it comes to targets of opportunity", which makes this seem more like the Ritalin patch than the "Empires" patch.

You can read more about the patch and check out some screens on the official site .


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