Failbetter reveals new details about Sunless Skies

In a post on its website, Failbetter Games has revealed some new details about its Sunless Sea follow-up, Sunless Skies. The main thing to take away from the post is that, unlike Sea, there won't be one main port in the game, but multiple. This changes the dynamic of exploration, and should hopefully make navigating the map less of a chore over time.

"The tension created by having to struggle back to a major port will still be there, and the threat of overreaching and dying in the cold, uncaring vastness of space will be just as present as it was in Sunless Sea," writes director of game development Liam Welton. "But your journeys will be shorter and more varied, and the new opportunities awaiting you in ports even more tantalising. For those brave enough to leave the safety of their known region, there will be other, perhaps greater, civilisations to explore in adjacent regions."

Failbetter describes Skies' world, the High Wilderness, as "the Victorian Empire in space" and is inspired by the science fiction of H.G. Wells and C.S. Lewis. It's in pre-production now, and is expected to be released next year via Steam Early Access. You can read seven facts about it here.

Andy Kelly

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