Fabular: a medieval spaceship roguelike RPG

Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime takes the old tales of chivalrous knights and derring-do and transplants them from medieval Europe to outer space. Described as a "top-down medieval space adventure", it mixes physics-based combat with choose-your-own-adventure-y bits; pixel art with pretty lighting techniques; pixel art (again) with lovely illustrated character art. Shove some RPG and roguelike elements in there too and you have, well, Fabular I guess. Let's have a look at the Kickstarter trailer.

Yep, Kickstarter—Fabular is on there now, looking to raise £25,000, and with 17 days left to go. Here's a bit more about the game, from the Kickstarter page:

"As a young knight, go on an adventure in a surreal, storybook-like galaxy in your trusty spaceship. You need to be skilful in battle upgrade and manage your ship well, and make the right choices during encounters. Only then will you be able to defeat the dreadful League of Black Knights who terrorize the realm."

"Explore a procedurally generated universe of hidden secrets and grave dangers by travelling on a node-based galactic starmap, where each place you visit yields a new special event or encounter. Decision making in these text-based illustrated events is key to your success in the game."

FTL and Hand of Fate are namechecked as influences, so if you like those, or the thought of medieval space-knights in general, give it a look.

Tom Sykes

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