Fable wasn't at E3, but Microsoft has 'a lot of great stuff waiting in the wings'

Rumour's about a new Fable being in development suggested that maybe, just maybe, we'd see something at E3. Unfortunately, Microsoft's conference came and went without any Fable sightings whatsoever. Head of Microsoft Game Studios Matt Booty teased that there are a lot of games that weren't revealed this year, however, and are waiting in the wings. 

"We showed up with 60 games on stage, 14 of which were from Xbox Game Studios," Booty said in an interview with Eurogamer. "We need to pause and give some recognition to the studios which, less than a year after we did the acquisition, we're already seeing things on our stage. Equally, I'm excited for the things waiting in the wings. We have a lot of stuff we did not show."

Microsoft didn't want to "empty the tank," Booty added, and it's holding stuff back for future announcements. As for Fable specifically, Booty wouldn't comment, but he implied we'd something next year. 

"Like I said... a lot of great stuff waiting in the wings for next year. Hope to have you back in a year."

Fable's rumoured to be in development at Forza studio Playground Games, a sad reminder that Lionhead is no more. A now deleted video leaked unverified details about the setting, where Albion has been destroyed and civilisation has been reset, as well as the addition of time travel and hopping between worlds. Starting fresh makes sense, though take this with a big pinch of salt. 

It looks like we have another year of speculation ahead of us. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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