F1 Race Stars to offer colourful arcade take on Formula One

Codemasters have announced F1 Race Stars, a Formula One racer with a colourful, lighthearted skew. The announce trailer provides a quick tease of the game and doubles as a study of the effects of acceleration on the brain. Is this what Lewis Hamilton sees all of the time?

Race Stars will convert classic F1 tracks like Monaco, Silverstone and the new Austin and Texas tracks into craaazy alternative versions that exaggerate each circuit's most famous features. It'll support 12 player races and offer an "extensive career mode" for solo play. The sport's biggest drivers have also been turned into less aerodynamic bobblehead versions of themselves for maximum d'awww factor.

It's been a gripping Formula One season so far. It's bound to inspire some viewers to go looking for a game. F1 Race Stars could provide a nice jumping-in point for kids and families. Meanwhile, serious fans of the sport can look forward to Codies' F1 2012 , which is out in September.

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Tom Senior

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