Explore your Dwarf Fortress dungeon in Minecraft

Dwarf Fortress in Minecraft

People are often torn when it comes to the ridiculously deep life-and-death simulation that is Dwarf Fortress . Some say that Dwarf Fortresses near impenetrable blaze of ASCII characters forces players to use the infinite power of their own imagination, to create a fortress in their mind more glorious than anything a graphics card can produce. Other people say "balderdash, give me polygons," and for these people we present the DF to Minecraft Utility , a program that can read your Dwarf Fortress maps and convert them into a Minecraft dungeon, so you can get a Dwarf-eye view of your creations.

Used practically, this tool lets you craft intricate dungeons in Dwarf Fortress and port them straight into Minecraft without you needing to lift a spade. For many the real appeal will be the opportunity to see their underground fortresses come to life, so you can wander the corridors, reminiscing about the time the disillusioned Gromril the Shinkicker tunnelled too far, causing a massive lava flow to flood the fortress, killing his friends and family horribly. Ah, the memories.

We'd really love to see your dungeons in full 3D. Share the glory of your finest fortresses, post links to images of your most dramatic dungeons in the comments below.

Tom Senior

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