Explore the varied, story-driven puzzles of Photographs

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You Must Build A Boat and 10,000,000 creator Luca Redwood announced Photographs, his next game, back in December, but we're only just now getting a proper look at some of its numerous puzzles.   

Redwood describes Photographs as "a dark narrative-puzzle game" where you explore pixel art dioramas and solve puzzles to advance five interwoven and altogether tragic stories. There are many different puzzle types embedded in each one, like the sliding puzzle seen above.

This stage, meanwhile, starts off as more of a find-it scan that leads into a different mini-game entirely. I want to see how each story is reflected in its puzzles.  

Photographs' announcement trailer asks viewers if they've ever made a serious mistake that hurt the people they care about, casting a melancholic tone over the game. Even so, its art looks bright and cheerful at first blush, albeit true to the theme of loss. We'll get a proper eyeful when Photographs releases later this year.   

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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