Excellent grandma tribute Lieve Oma is free on Itch

Lieve Oma is a narrative game by Florian Veltman, who made it as a tribute to his grandmother and, more broadly, "people helping us become a responsible and caring person." You play as a child walking through a vibrant forest with their grandma, splashing in leaves and picking mushrooms as you go. It's short, sweet, and available on Itch for whatever price you want, possibly free.

"My favourite thing is how it uses a player’s natural tendency to scamper about while walking with a slow NPC to recreate the sense of a child rushing around on the margins of a leaf-strewn pathway as a watchful grandparent provides an anchor point," our own Philippa Warr said of Lieve Oma in our roundup of the best autumnal PC games. 

Likewise, Scott called it an excellent and comparable narrative experience in his write-up on Where the Goats Are, a slightly more melancholic game about a goat-herding grandma which, if you can believe it, is due for a follow-up called The Stillness of the Wind. Truly we are living in a golden age of grandma games. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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