Ex-Ubisoft level design director joins Molyneux's studio 22 Cans

So just where has the illustrious Peter Molyneux's pet project, Godus , been lately? Well, there was a lot of talk about Mud Huts in their last update for backers , but for the most part, the usually hyper-talkative Molyneux has been uncharacteristically quiet about 22 Cans' next project. Secretly, though, it seems he's been putting some of that Kickstarter money towards securing some top-notch talent - a casual namedrop in the latest update video reveals that his newest employee is Jamie Stowe, a former level design director who's worked on the likes of Assassin's Creed 3.

Aside from the fact that Molyneux steals apples from the desks of his employees, the other big news imparted in the update is Stowe's arrival. Stowe takes up the position of 22 Cans' Technical Director now, which sounds decidedly less thrilling than determining the placement of hilariously hatted foes in AC3 . Stowe's helping the team piece together new builds of Godus, working on balancing the game, data-mining, various analytic hoo-ha, and developing the homeworld that we'll be playing in the eventual alpha release.

The leap from level design lead to technical director is quite vast, so I'm interested to see how Stowe adapts his existing skillset in shaping the world of Godus. I'm also hoping that going from AC3's 600-person team to 22 Cans' 20-ish allows for more creative freedom, because I'm hoping this spiritual successor to Populous can remain relevant to today's gamers while still retaining that earth-shaping, population-controlling charm. In other words, those better be some damn fine mud huts that 22 Cans is building.