Ex-BioShock dev to create interactive autobiography via a Doom 2 mod

JP LeBreton is an ex-Irrational, 2K Marin and Double Fine developer who is also a self-confessed lover of Doom. Since 2007, his main wish has been to go it alone as an independent developer “making things only [he] can make,” with “[his] own limits the only compromise,” so he says on his website. His latest project, Autobiographical Architecture, is one such venture—an interactive memoir of sorts created using the Doom engine. 

Its first chapter is heading to Itch.io later this year, and this is its announcement trailer: 

Previously, in an impressive effort that combined his previous work with said love of Doom, LeBreton recreated BioShock’s Arcadia and Farmer’s Market levels in Doom 2 after being partly inspired by TIGSource’s Bootleg Demakes Competition

Using a Doom level editor named SLADE, he chose these particular zones as he was their primary designer. “It’s a monster of a level, crammed full of weird little BioShock-to-Doom transmutations and symbolism,” he says. “If you’re a fan of either game, I hope you enjoy it.” You can check that out over here

LeBreton’s Autobiographical Architecture Doom 2 mod is set to launch its first chapter at some point this year on Itch.io.

Thanks, Eurogamer