Ex-Battlefield devs announce Viking horror game Project Wight

The Outsiders is a recently-formed independent studio co-founded by ex-DICE and Overkill veteran David Goldfarb. It's just announced its first project, known for now as 'Project Wight', which is "set in an alternate history of the early Viking era" where humans share the world with a near-extinct four-legged species of intelligent creatures. 

"What's unique about our game is that you see the world through the eyes these creatures," explains Goldfarb in the following introductory teaser. It then demos a young beast crawling around on all fours, hiding behind rocks, leaping from bridges and scrambling behind hidden rock crevices, as unruly Vikings set about its father with sharp weapons. Ouch. 

"As you move around the tunnels that these creatures inhabit," adds Goldfarb, "you'll see what humans have done to your kind over the years." Which you then of course seek payback for towards the trailer's end as a blood-thirsty, Viking-hunting adult creature.

There's not much else to go on for now, however the premise of playing a non-human in a world dominated by them is interesting. At this early stage, I hope there's more to its plot than the well-worn 'avenge my death' rhetoric, although I must admit the combat shown above does look like great fun. Expect more on this 'un as we get it.