Everything you ever wanted to know about Gears 5 Horde Mode

(Image credit: The Coalition)

Gears of War is the reason everyone knows what "horde mode" is, and so it's fitting that Gears 5 is placing a pretty heavy emphasis on it. This time around, though, horde mode is going to look a bit different, and we have a new trailer that explains a bit about what's changing for horde mode in the next Gears of War game.

Horde mode in Gears 5 is going to push players out from their defence points, forcing them to capture new ground and be more aggressive. This time around, characters are going to feel distinct, as Gears is taking cues from hero shooters like Overwatch in order to give players distinct, understandable roles on a team.

Gears 5 has structures called "Taps" on its horde maps, and those structures activate over the course of a a horde run. You'll need to build out your base, or shift your position, in order to gain and maintain control of these taps, which provide buffs if you own them.

Character roles will play a big part in how you play, too, and each of them have passive, active, and ultimate abilities. There's Kate, with her invisibility ability, and JD, who can call in artillery strikes.

There's a lot in what The Coaltion is saying in the leadup to Gears 5 that makes it sound like they're following Overwatch-styled trends, but when you see the game in action, it's undeniably Gears—just, with new stuff in it. Horde mode and co-op are Gears' bread and butter; or as Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson puts it, it's "cake, and not icing."

Gears 5 comes out September 10.