Everyone should use this Stardew Valley portrait creator immediately

Stardew Valley custom character portrait examples
(Image credit: Poltergeister)

Non-artists rejoice—you can now have a custom pixel art portrait of your farmer in Stardew Valley. And it's not AI powered, either; it's a free character designer tool with art by Poltergeister, the pixel artist who did all the portraits for the giant Stardew Valley Expanded mod. You can use your portrait in game with the help of a couple other mods or, hey, just use it like a Picrew maker.

The Stardew Valley Character Portrait maker is a free browser "game" over on Itch.io where you can design your custom farmer's hair, clothes, and color options and then download a handy .png file. It's a pretty cute and easy tool with lots of different face shapes, hairstyles and colors, marks like freckles or scars, and accessory options too. There are two different witch hats, even. There's also a masculine version of the tool that uses a body shape with a slightly wider neck and shoulders.

(Image credit: Poltergeister, Jaz)

The idea behind the tool is that you can take the image it spits out and use it with the Farmer portraits mod so that your character's portrait shows up in dialogue when you talk to other characters. By default, that mod uses an enlarged version of your character sprite—but creating a custom portrait is a way cuter option.

You could also totally just use it as your social media profile picture with credit to the creators: pixel artist Poltergeister and coder Jaz, according to the creative commons license they've used. I'd say this is a better use for it, even. If my entire feed was filled with charming Stardewified faces, I wouldn't be mad.

For many more custom visuals options for the game itself, be sure to check out our list of the best Stardew Valley mods. You should find something to grab in there to give everyone else in the valley a new look, too.

Lauren Morton
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