EverQuest Next Landmark timelapse video takes you from concept to construction

If you've been eagerly consuming every EverQuest Next morsel, you'll already be aware that SOE are posting timelapse videos designed to flaunt the power of EverQuest Next Landmark. To my shame, this latest video in the rapid construction series was the first I'd bothered to watch - my own hideous inability to do an art having led me to assume that the MMO's creative counterpart should be reserved for people with talent (or basic levels of competency).

Having taken the time to see what's possible, I'm now experiencing a feeling best described via that Keanu Reeves face . Basically: if you've not been paying attention to what Landmark is doing, now's a good time to take a look.

If that's whet your appetite, have a sandwich or something. Then come back, and take a look at this more aspirational trailer from the other week.

And, if you're looking for more, head over to EQNL's YouTube page , where you can watch a bunch of designs spring to life. Or, to see how the building tools will work, pop over to the archived livestream . It goes in-depth on not only the game's currently planned construction, but also how the tool will evolve over the course of itself and EQN's life, to eventually grow into a full MMO editor.

EverQuest Next is due to release into alpha around February 28, next year. Founders pack details are available here .

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Phil Savage

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