EVE: Valkyrie gets free Carrier Assault update

Oculus Rift headliner EVE: Valkyrie has received its first free update, Carrier Assault. If there's a better use for VR than emulating the Death Star trench run, I can't think of it, and evidently neither can devs CCP.

Carrier Assault is a three-stage game mode. In the first, you work to bring down the enemy mothership's shields by capturing two of three relay stations in the map.

Next, you'll need to reduce the carrier's firepower by blowing up cooling nodes across its surface, flying clear of defence turrets and the enemy.

Finally: the core. And where do you find a carrier's core? At the end of a trench, of course.

Also in the patch is new map Crossroads, a selection of new PvE missions, boost gates to shuttle you between objectives faster, and a raft of tweaks and fixes. Find the patch notes here.