EVE Online's Invasion World Tour finishes this weekend

(Image credit: CCP Games)

EVE Online's Invasion World Tour, which saw CCP hit the road and host a series of smaller conventions instead of the now traditional EVE Fanfest in Iceland, hits its last stop this weekend. It will quickly be followed by the launch of Invasion Chapter 2, the second part of the MMO's latest expansion. 

Invasion Chapter 2 kicks off on November 23, but before that CCP will be in London's Indigo at the O2 Arena to end the tour. If you've not got your hands on a ticket, which can be purchased here, you'll still be able to watch the livestream on Twitch, starting at 2.30 pm GMT/6.30 am PST.

The event will begin with the EVE Invasion World Tournament, followed by a keynote speech, a discussion of EVE and the tour, and an AMA with the developers. 

One of the stops on the tour was a fan's house on a Finnish island, the perfect place for a slasher movie—naturally we sent Steven. EVE Online will one day be sentient, the devs told him during a naked hot tub session. I'm happy to report he's alive and well. 

Invasion Chapter 2 will heat up the conflict between players and the Triglavian invaders, let pilots get their hands on a new enemy ship and introduces bookmark sharing. The new players experience is being freshened up, too, so it might be a good time to dip back in if the galaxy seemed too intimidating before. 

Fraser Brown
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