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EVE Online trailer starts free-to-play countdown

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Our man Steven Messner has a knack for uncovering interesting stories from CCP's space-flung MMO EVE: Online, with recent tales exploring everything from a pilot who placed a $75,000 bounty on a rival alliance; a DEA wannabe who aimed to get players off drugs; and a player who faked a suicide attempt in a bid for personal gain. 

When the sci-fi-inspired persistent world adds free-to-play alongside its current subscription model on November 15, more dramas, fictions and fables are certain to surface—and the developer has now released an informative trailer to best explain what EVE is all about for those on the sidelines. 

"Everybody is on this journey and writing their own stories," explains one commentator in the video above. "That is probably the simplest way I can describe EVE." 

Any one of these stories will help the uninitiated gain a better understanding, yet that's barely scratching the surface. Know that we consider it one of the best MMOs to date, and one of the most ambitious games out there. The rest is up to you to discover for yourself.