EVE Online teases new features ahead of free-to-play launch next week

Last week, I spoke of our resident EVE Online raconteur Steven Messner's proclivity for consistently uncovering fascinating tales within the game's space world, and he's since produced yet another. It's these very stories which make me consider taking the plunge with CCP's ambitious MMO, and, if you happen to be on a similar boat/vessel yourself, next week might be a good time to do so. 

It's adding free-to-play elements alongside its current subscription model, you see, which will introduce a host of new features—some of which are teased in the trailer featured below. 

"The November 15th 2016 Ascension expansion is a free addition to EVE that brings a whole host of new features and some of the biggest changes ever to New Eden," reads the video's description. "It introduces Clone States, allowing you to play for free as an Alpha clone for as long as you want. The improved New Player Experience makes it easier than ever for your or your friends to learn how to play." 

Next week's update will add three engineering complexes, new ships, command bursts, new explosion effects, among other things. The new Fitting Simulator shown around the 43 second mark below also looks interesting.  

Again, EVE Online is a game I've always fancied investing more time in, but have always managed to find distractions. You might be the same, which is why you might like to check out Steven's helpful beginner's guide

EVE Online's Ascension expansion is due next Tuesday, November 15. More information can be found this way