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Eve Online: Retribution promises "tremendous game balancing effort," more bounties, new ships

Monday October 1 shall henceforth be known as Space Monday. Following the appearance of space mining Kickstarter project, Blackspace and the arrival of the beta version of Miner Wars 2081 , CCP announce the next Eve Online expansion: Retribution.

Revenge and spaceships seem to be the two dominant themes of Retribution. A rearranged bounty system will let players place bounties on corporations, pilots and alliances. That'll arrive alongside "a tremendous game balancing effort" which promises "massive play style refreshments for pilots of all skill levels." CCP will add four Tier 2 destroyers to the lineup, overhaul Frigates to offer "more choice and specialization" and upgrade the textures on all remaining sub-capital ships.

This expansion is due out on December 4, which will be a Space Tuesday. Find out more on the Eve Online site . Happy Space Monday to you all.

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