Blackspace kickstarter seeks funding for asteroid-based action RTS

Blackspace is a game about mining asteroids - no wait, come back! As you can see from the picture above, it's also a game about rockets, and bases. You play as a weaponised, bright yellow version of the Lunar lander which can be upgraded to launch artillery at the asteroid's deformable surface, or raise rock to create a suitable surface for building. Buildings can churn out bots to help sense incoming attacks, defend your structures and mine more precious space ore.

An action RTS set on a smashable cosmic pebble with full physics and detailed base building? That'll do nicely.

The three-strong development team are trying to raise $350,000 to get Blackspace made. You can pledge $20 to guarantee a copy at launch. $40 will get you into the beta and grant you access to a series of minigames the developers are building to test their physics engine. Top tier rewards will get your name engraved on the lander for posterity. Find out more about the project on their Kickstarter page , and check out the video below for a better look.

Thanks to Suave Yautja on Twitter for the heads up.

Tom Senior

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