Eve Online launches Pakistan flood charity drive

Eve Online

Eve Online has launched a charity drive to help victims of the Pakistan floods. Players are able to donate 30 day subscription cards to the cause, and CCP will convert these subscriptions into their equivalent cash value and forward them to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society. Read on for details on how to donate.

Contract your 30 day subscription card (or PLEX) to the "CCP PLEX for Good" in game character, making sure that the character is part of the "C C P" corporation. The charity drive is already in action, and will run until October 6th.

This is the second PLEX driven charity effort to take place in the Eve Online universe. A similar donation was organised last year in aid of the Haiti earthquake. It's slightly surreal to see Eve's huge and scarily authentic virtual economy used to for real world impact, thankfully it's for a charitable cause, and not galactic domination.

Tom Senior

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