Eve Incursion split into three updates and delayed

Eve Online

Eve's free Incursion update was supposed to be arriving later this month, but CCP have changed their plans, and are now planning to release the update in three stages, with the biggest update set to arrive early next year.

CCP have said they're delaying the release based on player feedback from recent playtests, saying that major aspects of the expansion, such as the huge PvE event, the Sansha invasion, "needs more polish" before it can be released. With that in mind, CCP have decided to release the update in three installments. The first will hit on November 30th and has been labelled the "precursor release". CCP have said that most of the following changes will make it into the first Incursion release at the end of the month:

  • 80 new story line courier missions
  • Rocket balancing
  • Tech 2 ammo balancing
  • Adding faction ships to the market
  • Fighter bomber missile visual effects changes
  • Anti-aliasing support
  • Window resizing, camera offset
  • Meta-item indicator icons
  • UI optimization to contract delivery filtering
  • Cargo can now be dragged to hangar by dropping on Neocom
  • Toggling probes in overview
  • POS gunners now receive notifications about control towers under attack
  • Sorting deliveries according to distance in jumps or regional locations
  • Unique icons for Microwarpdrives and Afterburners

After that, there will be another release just before Christmas, though CCP haven't revealed what's planned for that update. The bulk of the new PvE content, in the form of the huge Sansha incursion that will see most of Eve's universe invaded by alien forces, should arrive early next year, along with the revamped Incarna character creator. For further explanation, check out the Eve Online blog post explaining the plans.

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