EU Hearthstone players get free packs to compensate for connection issues

Hearthstone Gnome Art

I’m currently trying to chisel out the remaining 37 wins needed for a golden Druid portrait, so it was frustrating to lose a couple of matches last week due to unplayable lag (and definitely not my bad decision-making). At other times, notably during the ASUS ‘Play It Cool’ 24-hour Hearthstone marathon, the EU servers were down for hours at a time. Today Blizzard acknowledged the issue, and is making amends in the form of two free packs for players on the European servers who have had accounts since before 3 May this year.

Here’s the info in full, from the blog post:

“We know access to Hearthstone in Europe was spotty last week. Sorry about that, and we really appreciate your patience as we worked to get the tavern back into shape. As a thank-you for bearing with us, ALL Hearthstone accounts in the European Hearthstone region created prior to May 3, 2015 will enjoy two free Classic Hearthstone card packs, free of charge. Just log in to Hearthstone at your convenience to find your card packs in the “Open Packs” section. No need to rush; these packs never expire. Note: It may take up to 24 hours before your packs will appear.”

Mine don’t seem to have arrived yet, so I can’t tell you what was in them. But I think we can all agree that the inevitable Golden Wisp is all I need to push me over the top and into Legend this season.

[Update: Received my packs and I got another Baron Geddon! Which I dusted to help craft a golden Sludge Belcher. Oh, and at time of writing EU is down again. Maybe we'll get more packs.]

Tim Clark

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