EU Giveaway: win a copy of Sengoku

Sengoku thumbnail

Don't be scared. Rich is weird-looking but harmless. Promise.

Anyway, enough about oddballs. We have ten copies of Sengoku to give away! It's all thanks to the generous bunch at Paradox Interactive.

Tim Stone recently wrote a Sengoku preview for us. Nothing explains the character-driven strategy game better than this quote: "I might have been an incestuous cradle-snatcher with a patchy military track record and no allies, but I saved and quit feeling faintly elated. Sengoku is plainly a very strange game. If you're growing a little weary of the Total War formula but find most Paradox games too dense and intimidating, this is definitely one to keep an eye on."

You're intrigued now right? Click through for details of how to enter.

To win Sengoku, just answer the following question in the comments. We'll pick our favourite ten answers on Wednesday next week and contact you via private message to get your address.

What's the most honourable act you've ever performed... while using a mouse and keyboard?

Good luck everybody! For more on Sengoku, watch the developer's walkthrough I've embedded for your convenience.