Etherium trailer shows three factions and their resource war

It seems there are usually three sides to any good story. In the upcoming RTS Etherium , a futuristic battle for control of a hard-to-find resource involves Humans, Vectides, and Intari. And in a new trailer from developer Tindalos Interactive, we get a glimpse for the first time at the kind of unit technology each faction will have on hand during their resource war.

As we heard when the game was first announced earlier this year, the environments on the various planets populating the Etherium universe are being designed to impact player strategy and decision making. The video below, although appropriately cinematic, shows some of the design ideas behind two of Etherium's contested planets—the icy Arctis and the fiery, primordial-looking Pilo.

As Tindalos is building "a unique and dynamic weather system" into Etherium, the geography on hand in the RTS should be vital. If, as the developer has already detailed, a sandstorm or a frozen river can be exploited, then surely a lava planet such as Pilo will open up some unique strategic possibilities. The game's official website is still a bit bare, but be sure to check out the image collection there for more clues on the type of design that's going into Etherium.