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ESL One Cologne 2016 dates and prize pool announced

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ESL One Cologne 2015

The return of ESL One Cologne, one of the biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (opens in new tab) tournaments around, should surprise precisely no one, but now we have details on dates, places and gigantic cash prizes.

The tournament will take place from July 8-10 in Cologne's LANXESS arena, where Counter-Strike aficionados will shoot it out over a prize pool of $250,000.

Tickets will be sold on Eventim (opens in new tab) from Wednesday, December 9, and could run you up some €2,999 if you have a burning desire to be part of the 'Global Elite Experience' and no budget to speak of. For those of us still aspiring to the rank of Counter-Strike high-roller, tickets start from €40.

If this all seems a terribly long way off, here's Evan's highlight (opens in new tab) from this year's rumble to keep you occupied for the next 29 seconds.