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Epigenesis gets official release date and dreamy new trailer

Shooter or basketball aberration? Either way, Epigenesis is an uncategorisable team-based game set for release on August 1. Two teams battle it out over a single ball, which needs to be tossed through the opponent's hoop. Once completed, the successful team can claim one of the grids in the arena. Chain these grids in a line all the way to your opponent's endzone and you're the winner.

Developed by Dead Shark Triplepunch, Epigenesis was the winner of the 2013 Make Something Unreal Live competition. It's been available on Steam Early Access for a while, but the final, retail ready edition releases August 1. It costs US$9.99 for a single copy and $29.99 for four. There will also be a launch tournament, which will offer various gaming peripherals as prizes.

Check out a new trailer below. We played Epigenesis back when it was still early in development. You can read our impressions here .

Shaun Prescott
Shaun is PC Gamer’s Australian editor and news writer. He mostly plays platformers and RPGs, and keeps a close eye on anything of particular interest to antipodean audiences. He (rather obsessively) tracks the movements of the Doom modding community, too.