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Epic's Bullet Train "VR experience" isn't likely to become a full game

Epic's “VR experience” FPS Bullet Train, which debuted last year at Oculus Connect 2, was far from perfect as a game, but as a tech demo is showed real potential. “Maybe with more environmental interaction and a real need to dodge enemy attacks, developers can take what Epic’s built and use it to great effect,” Wes said, after giving it a try. And maybe they will. But Epic itself, as lead producer Tommy Jacob told Polygon, probably will not. 

That's not to say that Epic won't get into full-on VR development at some point in the future, and in fact Jacob suggested that it will almost inevitably happen. Bullet Train is intended primarily for internal use, however, and not as the foundation for a future game—although Jacob said that its popularity among people who have played it is clear evidence of the appeal of VR. 

“I think there's an obviously argument for the game side of Epic to embrace the VR and build something,” Jacob said. “I don't think Epic has a game future that doesn't include VR.” 

It's not the same as enjoying it with a pair of mini-monitors strapped to your face, but you can get a taste of the Bullet Train experience by way of the trailer below.

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