Epic: latest Intel integrated graphics "don't suck"

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Epic's Mark Rein has admitted that even though he has been "beating them up for 11 years," Intel's latest HD graphics "don't suck."

Read on for more from Epic's vice president at GDC.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Mark admitted that the most current models of Intel HD graphics are actually a viable option for PC gamers.

"The best thing that happened in the PC market this year, and this is after me beating up them up for 11 years, I'm going to give them a little bit of praise, was the new Intel HD graphics... it's something they should have done years ago... but you know. At least they don't suck any more. The brand new just in the market place, six weeks in the market place integrated graphics don't suck. As long as you buy that model. I'm sure they're still selling the sucky ones.

"That's actually pretty exciting thing for us. iPhone has a more powerful graphics chip than what the intel graphics were last year. As those PC's feed themselves into the marketplace and replace the ones out now, yeah, I think you'll see an explosion of graphics on the PC.

"The stuff we're showing is doable on PC now, but it's pretty darn powerful. I'm sure nVidia's about to come out with another bump in the graphics card, maybe the next nVidia graphics card bump means we can use two, we don't need three. And maybe the next bump means we can use one. And the next bump after that means that we can use the midrange card."

Earlier today we reported on what Rein would like to see in Windows 8. What's your experience of Intel's latest integrated graphics? Do they suck?