Mark Rein calls for curated app store in Windows 8

Epic App Store

Speaking to PC Gamer at GDC, Epic Game's Vice President, Mark Rein has given some insight into what he would like to see from the next version of Windows. His vision takes a few cues from Apple's current distribution model.

Taking about the PC market in general, Mark told PC Gamer, "PC is a great gaming ecosystem ... the whole digital distribution thing is going nuts on PC now.

"We're even doing games that you can play on a PC and play on other platforms as well. So, yeah ... hopefully Windows 8 will come with a built in marketplace, like Mac has with the App Store. I think that would be the biggest single improvement we could have. That would help the games business the most. To have a good reliable curated app store like we do on Mac."

Do you agree with Epic's vice president? What would you like to see in the next iteration of Windows?