Epic Games Store gets innovative new 'add to cart' feature

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(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games Store launched in an extremely barebones state in 2018, but ever since, Epic Games has slowly added new functionality to the digital shopfront. Most recently, it got Achievements, and at some unspecified time in the future it'll be getting its own Discord-like party chat service

Today's new update isn't as electrifying as either of those, but it is undeniably useful: Epic Games Store now has an 'add to cart' feature. For those who have never added anything to a cart before, this means you can now buy (or redeem for free, as is normally the case on the Epic Games Store) multiple titles in a single transaction, simply by adding them all to your cart, and then checking out.

It's an exquisitely convenient little feature—you might have noticed its presence on nearly every single other digital storefront that exists. Notably, the Nintendo eShop still doesn't have a cart system, but that's Nintendo for you.

As of August, Epic had sunk $500M into the Epic Games Store and doesn't expect a profit until 2027, a fact we know thanks to the company's ongoing dispute with Apple. While the barebones functionality still leaves a lot to be desired, the store's regular free game giveaways are welcome, and likely make up a big chunk of that sunk cost so far. 

Aside from the 'add to cart' function, Epic Games' live roadmap of imminent store fixes include user profiles and game edition comparisons, among other things

Shaun Prescott

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