Epic exclusives Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus are now on the Humble Store

The big news out of Epic Games today was the acquisition of Rocket League developer Psyonix, but it's not the only news. Epic also announced today that Saber Interactive's co-op zombie shooter World War Z has now surpassed 320,000 copies sold on the Epic Store, and that Coffee Stain's Satisfactory has become the studio's best PC launch ever—even bigger than the great Goat Simulator. 

(That's mostly a joke, but not entirely: For as unabashedly dumb as it is, Goat Simulator was also pretty huge.) 

Anno 1800 and Metro Exodus had "the best PC launches in their respective franchise's history," Epic said, and Metro Exodus is also the top-grossing game on the Epic Games Store. The new Metro is also now available for purchase on the Humble Store, thanks to a deal between Epic and Humble Bundle that was announced in March at GDC. Dangerous Driving is also up for grabs on the Humble Store, and Borderlands 3 is available for preorder. 

There's also been a delay in some of the features planned for April in the Epic Games Store roadmap. "We’ve shifted features targeted for April to May and June as development efforts have focused on supporting online features required for new game launches," Epic wrote. "Be on the lookout for future updates and regularly check out the 'Recently Shipped' section of the Trello Board to keep tabs on our progress." 

As of right now, cloud saves and install management are targeted for this month. In the 4-6 month range are user reviews, wishlists, additional payment methods and currencies, mod distribution, an overlay, and "library improvements." You can see everything planned for the store on Trello.

Finally, the bi-weekly game giveaways are paying off, Epic said, with more than 25 million free game installs since the program began. "We’re humbled by the overwhelming response and we will continue to support developers and publishers in releasing awesome games for free throughout 2019. We at Epic Games are grateful for the support of all gamers, developers, and publishers for using the Epic Games store and for placing trust in Epic as we build a new ecosystem for PC gaming."

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Andy Chalk

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