Epic Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer is epic

Deus Ex Human Revolution Jensen stabby

Eidos have released an extended trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, combining many of the clips we've seen into a five minute slice of techno-badassery. It's got everything you'd want from a cyberpunk universe, conspiracies, shadowy corporations, a society on the brink of collapse and Adam Jensen dismembering guards in a whirlwind of augmented arm blades. There's also a new scene in the trailer that we haven't seen before, which could give us a clue as to how Adam's arms come to be augmented.

Most of the footage is spliced together from previous trailers, but there is one new scene at 1:10 into the video in which Adam gets roughed up by an augmented assailant. Eidos have told us that you start the game as a security guard for Sarif Industries , charged with guarding the complex on the eve of the company's announcement of a major new discovery. An attack Adam suffers during the event causes him to lose his arms.

In the new scene you can see by Adam's hands that his arms aren't augmented at that stage. Our resident trailer sleuth Tom Francis cast an augmented eye over the scene, and noticed that the glass that Jensen is thrown through bears the words "LAB Transit". It's possible we're seeing Adam being thrown onto the transit train tracks, which could be how he loses his arms.

There are few other augmentations on show in the trailer as well. There will be 21 cybernetic enhancements in the game, for a run down of what we'll think they'll be check out our aug analysis . The game is available to pre-order now. Head here to check out the numberous pre-order options. For more on the game itself head over to the Deus Ex: Human Revolution site.

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