Engage in open-world deep sea exploration and submarine combat in Diluvion, out this fall

After a successful Kickstarter campaign back in July of 2015, Diluvion, a deep sea exploration and submarine combat game, is now due to be released this fall. Above, you can watch the announcement trailer, where after about a minute of introduction and story setup, you can see some gameplay: sub-to-sub combat, crew management, and a fight with what appears to be some sort of monstrous Dire Crab with a sunken battleship on its back.

As the story goes, the last remnants of humanity are struggling to survive underwater thanks to a massive flood and an impenetrable layer of ice keeping them from the surface. In addition to exploration and combat, you'll also be able to be able to hunt for salvage, trade goods, and collect bounties. You can establish as a base as well, upgrade it, and use it to store additional crew members.

"As submersible captains, players must explore the uncharted reaches of the open sea, brimming with distinct harbors, factions, mercenaries and secrets," reads the press release from Gambitious Digital Entertainment and developer Arachnid games. "Players can recruit officers of varying skill sets and personalities from ports around the sea to helm the different battle stations of their vessels. Ships can be enhanced with new weapons to change the tide of a firefight, as well as new components to increase their range and survivability. "

You can visit Diluvion's official site and Steam page, and cast your net below for some more screenshots.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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