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Enemy Starfighter becomes House of the Dying Sun

Enemy Starfighter, the space combat sim that looks like the lovechild of Homeworld and Freespace, is no more! But before you go crying your frozen tears into the void, know all that's really happened is that the name has changed: Goodbye Enemy Starfighter, hello House of the Dying Sun. 

“The reason is so we could get a better trademark. This was a zero-drama name change,” developer Mike Tipul wrote on the House of the Dying Sun blog. “I liked the old name a bit too, but this one has grown on me and there are more important things to deal with.”

I would never think to second-guess the guy who's actually making the game, but I will say that I think I prefer the old title. There was something elegant about it, a purity that hummed across those two simple words: Enemy Starfighter. House of the Dying Sun is cool too, but every time I see it I hear Eric Burdon's voice in my head and I'm pretty sure that's going to lead to some embarrassing confusion in a future news post.

There's still no word on when House of the Dying Sun will be out, but Tipul said work on the game is “going well,” and that he'd share more information soon.

Andy Chalk
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